Pro-Consumer Agency alerts consumers not to accept extra charges for paying with a credit card

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The director of the ProConsumer Agency, Anina Del Castillo, reminded consumers in the Dominican Republic that they should not allow additional fees to be charged when they pay super sales prices for Black Friday

“Don’t let them charge you anything extra for paying with your credit or debit card,” said Del Castillo in a telephone interview on the program El Gobierno de la Tarde, on Z 101 radio.

She said if the business makes the charge, they should make a direct claim to the store so the charges are reimbursed. Del Castillo says the price of the product cannot vary depending on the means of payment used.

She also alerted shoppers to not fall for the practice of businesses that raise prices to then offer big discounts for Black Friday. Del Castillo urged consumers to be careful when shopping to avoid catching the Covid-19 virus.



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