Four people arrested for threatening policemen with a shotgun

Santo Domingo, RD.- Members of the National Police (PN) attached to the Quisqueya municipality arrested four men who threatened agents, violated curfew and Law 64-00 on sonic contamination.

Those involved Wirfin Yobani Obispo, 36; Adonis Pineda, 25 years old; Francisco Joel Minier, 25 years old; and Jonathan Cuevas, 23, all residents of that municipality.

The authorities reported that the youths were arrested following a call from the residents where the detainees today violated the curfew aboard an Audi vehicle; at the time Wilfin Obispo stopped him, he dismounted from the aforementioned vehicle and hit the police unit several times, stating that they should leave the place that they would not be imprisoned.

When we noticed the denial of the young people, we were forced to shoot one of the tires, dismounting the shotgun in hand, Adonis Pineda pointing the patrol, causing a struggle to disarm him, resulting in one of the agents injured, one of the residents notified.

As for the detainees, the vehicle and the seized firearm will be sent to court in the next few hours.

The purpose of Law 64-00 on Environment and Natural Resources is to establish norms for the conservation, protection, improvement and restoration of the environment and natural resources, ensuring their sustainable use.

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